Dedicated Servers


Server and hosting management made easy.

With a customized dedicated solution, you can rest assured the technology supporting your business is reliable, scalable, and expertly maintained by a team of server engineers.

Our managed dedicated server hosting services is about more than just servers, it’s about service.

Dedicated Server Hosting Helps Your Business Grow

IT management doesn’t have to be such a large headache for you and your business. The underlying technologies that make your business run can be time-consuming and tedious to manage in house. Imagine having the time to concentrate on your core business and not on managing technology. Our dedicated solutions can do just that – free up you and your technology staff so you can handle the main aspects of growing your business.

Managed Dedicated Servers by Managed Hosting Professionals.

While it’s a business necessity to grow your technology infrastructure along with your business, you’ll need a partner who understands just how critical that can be to your business. Our managed hosting solutions are designed, built, and maintained by teams of managed hosting experts. Whether you need a simple one to two server solution or a multiple load balanced server configuration with custom firewalls, it will still be closely monitored by Server Engineer staff.


Our hosting platform is a dynamic and scalable virtualization platform with a single set of integrated management tools for those interested in server consolidation, testing and development, business continuity and disaster recovery.

The A Com Media Design Difference: Service

What’s the difference between our dedicated server solutions and those from other hosts? Easy – it’s the personal service you get at any hour of any day. Really. From the moment you contact us, our service mantra is evident. It’s obvious in our many guarantees, it’s obvious in the many services we offer, but it’s unmistakable in the lengths we go to exceed your expectations.

The Technology Behind Your Dedicated Solution

Everything we have powering your dedicated server solution, from the layout of the data center to the configuration of the network, has been meticulously researched, designed, and tested to exceed even the toughest industry standards. Stable, reliable, and flexible aren’t just buzz words – each is a critical component of how we operate the system that in turn powers your business.


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