Website Applications

Website Applications


Do you have specific requirements or processes for your business that regular box software cannot provide? Do you find yourself having to learn very advanced software that comes with 1,000 page manuals when you only will use 5% of what the software offers?

A Com Media Design has built many cutting-edge custom web applications and software solutions for businesses. We offer scalable web applications that can grow with your business so you will only be paying for as much as you need at any time. Our web developers and web designers have provided affordable solutions for all industries. We are highly trained in various advanced and powerful technologies.

Custom programming and custom web applications can include the following technologies:

PHP, Adobe Coldfusion, ASP, .NET, Visual Basic, Flash, Adobe Flex, SQL, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, VBScript, XML, Web Services, SOAP Web Services

A Com Media Design’s software development team will use the latest technologies, provide clear and frequent communication about your project status, and full-cycle quality assurance providing bug fixes for the life of the application.

  • Affordable, powerful solutions built on our many years of combined experience.
  • Full support and upgrade services throughout the lifetime of the application
  • Experience with large web development projects for highly respected clientele.

E-Commerce Client Locations:

  • New York, e-commerce
  • NYC, CMS
  • New Jersey, e-commerce & Marketing
  • Staten Island, e-commerce
  • Washington DC, e-commerce & Management
  • Connecticut, e-commerce & Newsletter
  • Manhattan, e-commerce & Payment Processing
  • Long Island, e-commerce & SEO
  • New York City, e-commerce
  • New Jersey, e-commerce

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for your personal or business website needs.

We can also help you redesign your current website, or e-commerce site.

Start selling your products and services to the entire world right away!

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