New Yorkers Can Catch ‘Manhattanhenge’ Sunset Today

Today (July 13) is one of the most special skywatching days of the year — if you happen to be in New York City.

Weather permitting, folks in the Big Apple’s most famous borough can observe a gorgeous “Manhattanhenge” sunset on both days. And the next opportunity to get such an eyeful won’t come until next spring.

Max Andrade captured this photo of a July 2013 Manhattanhenge sunset from the corner of 86th Street and 3rd Avenue using his iPhone.

“Occurring twice in May and twice in July, the unique phenomenon features a perfectly aligned sunset beaming down the east- and westward roads of the borough’s grid,” Accuweather explained. “The result is a dazzling glow that illuminates the north and south sides of the streets’ towering buildings.”

Manhattanhenge’s name, of course, is a nod to the ancient British monument Stonehenge, which was built with the sun’s path through the sky in mind. Every year on the northern summer solstice, an observer standing at a special spot within Stonehenge sees the sun rise directly over the landmark’s “heel stone.

So keep your eyes peeled, New Yorkers! You too, tourists — but don’t gawk so single-mindedly at Manhattanhenge that you get hit by a bus.




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